Backstory: I graduated medical school in January 2017. And while I enjoyed those 4 years, and developed a strong love for medicine, I ultimately decided not to practice it. There were many reasons why, and perhaps this will be the topic of a future post.

After graduating, I picked up programming again full-time and had the realization that this was what I wanted to do after all. I dabbled with code in my formative years, but never had the time to pursue it seriously. I attended the Recurse Center in Summer 2017 and that was perhaps one of the most influential career decisions I’ve made.

Interests: the cross-section of medicine and technology, computer systems and infrastructure, programming languages, and hacking on whatever I get my hands on.

Goals: I would like to marry my domain knowledge of medicine with software engineering to make advancements in medical technology.

When I’m not programming, I can be found playing soccer, drinking coffee, or meditating.

I enjoy getting emails. Whether it’s to ask me how or why I made the career switch, what I’m doing now, or anything else, feel free to reach out to me: